Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Your Friends Don't Remember

We have a number of friends with children, and it amazes us every day the things parents temporarily forgot. Not a bad thing. We find it comical that something will happen that we're not expecting, even some very upsetting things. Then we'll convey this to our friends, and the response is 'Oh yeah, I'd forgotten, but mine did that too'. Wow, all these things we think are odd and out of place, is really normal. Every child is unique, but wow they sure can surprise you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Family Vacation Spot

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If you have a family, and like skiing (or someone in your family likes skiing), let me recommend Winter Park, Colorado. Why? Because there is something for everyone.

Unlike some great ski locations, Winter Park has a descent small downtown where you can find a variety of spas, rentals, snowmobiling, and best of all: a full grocery store. Winter Park resort has a HUGE kids building, so that when they get tired of skiing the parents can go back out and hit the slopes. Of course if you have teenagers, the parents are likely to call it quites while the teens explore the variety of slopes. In that case, might I recommend Doc's to get a nice adult beverage and unwind.

From the Fredericksburg area, you have several options for how to get to Winter Park. We chose to cash in some airline miles and take American out of Richmond. I love flying out of Richmond because of the security lines. The other recommendation is to go to Dulles and take one of the direct to Denver flight.

If you go:
- Drop by the visitors center/chamber of commerce in downtown Winter Park and get 2-for-1 lift ticket coupons.
- While there, pick up 2-for-1 rentals at Beavers Sports Shop.
- Rent a 4WD or AWD, because snow can pop up at any time
- Have a camera nearby at all times, while out in the hot tub, the local fox decided to cruise by several times.
- A couple of family radios will help with keeping track of people, but they may not work if you're completely around the mountain. We used them to figure out who was stuck in the woods.
- Call ahead and make reservations for the child care. (Ours got to spend a few days at the grandparents, thanks Mom&Dad!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Review : Formula Mixing Pitcher

Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher is not something I would have gone out and purchased on my own. My wife is big into kitchen gadgets, and initially I thought this was a gimmick. Boy was I wrong (there, I said it). I've got to hand it to her, this was a great buy. It is the ideal mixing pitcher. More than just Formula, any powder and water combo works great in this thing.

We found it at Burlington Coat near our house, but it's available most places you see Dr. Browns (Wal-Mart,

The pitcher easily mixes up to 32oz of water with the 16 scoops of powdered formula. This fills the pitcher just about to the 34oz, and will make sure you don't spill and make a mess. The top rotates, to mostly seal the top when you're mixing. A few quick swishes with the handle and you're ready to make bottles.

Win A Free Ergo Baby Carrier

Our favorite store Nature's Child in Charlottesville is branching out with a new website Along for the Ride specializing in various types of child carrying systems. This month they are running a promotion to win a free organic embroidered ergo carrier. Your choice of two styles.

Click the link below for your chance at this great prize.
Win a Free Organic Embroidered Ergo Baby Carrier Hands Free System from Along for the Ride

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud Election Day Dad

Proud of getting the chance to take my little guy to vote on Tuesday. What a historic day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Items Needed The First Few Days After Birth

The list no one told us about:

  • Paper Plates, who has time for dishes
  • Coffee and filters, who can get a normal amount of sleep with a newborn
  • Cool temp swaddles (muslin works great). Why cool? Because you house is heated and cooled. These are great for sleeping in the first few weeks, and won't overheat the baby. Figure a wrap, plus a shirt and hat.
  • Plain infant t-shirts, like the hospital uses, with the hand muffs. These are the easiest to use with swaddling and diaper changes and feeding. A ton of these will fit in one laundry load, and they are not too thick
  • Medications for mom, short list (laxative, stool softener, Motrin, Sudafed if bottle feeding along with a large ace bandage, and a head of cabbage)
  • A case of bottled water. I left this upstairs where mom & baby stayed most of the time the first few days. While healing from surgery, this was one less thing to run up and down stairs.
The 'duh' list
  • Diapers
  • Vaseline
  • Plenty of infant clothes
  • Formula, we had both Enfamil and Similac
  • Moisture pads, early on we've had a lot of leaking diapers.
  • Baby wipes, a case works well to start
  • Laundry detergent, we're using Dreft or the generic equivalent
  • Meals in the freezer

These are the items I can think of that have been critical in the first 2 days back from the hospital with the little guy. I'm sure I'll add to these as time goes on.

Coming Home

The day has finally arrived, and we are now home with Bennett Cooper Metts.

A few quick notes from a new parent:
- the C-Section wasn't as bad as feared, wonderful doctors also make it easier. It kept an anesthesiologist busy.
- the Hospital, although trying to give that hotel room feel, isn't a hotel. You can tell it's managed by medical personnel. But mostly positive.
- A huge thank you to "The Dog House" in Fredericksburg, VA for letting me drop off the dog and change checkout dates as needed.
- I will soon be posting an article on what to have at home that you might not think of (ie a stash of simple baby t-shirts with the finger pockets)
- And finally, one thing we hadn't really considered, even though it's Oct, inside the house it's the same temp as it would be in the summer (70-80 degrees F). So forget the flannel winter wear, baby needs light clothes just like in the hospital. Out of all of the great gifts from family, very few were cool.