Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Congress Acts on What Parents Already Insist On

We had already agreed that no BPA products were going to be used with our child. And I was really happy when my brother and sister-in-law returned all of their baby bottles for my neice to get BPA-free versions (not exactly a cheap thing to do), we had yet to encourage them to do this. The literature has been overwhelming against this additive, based on studies mostly in European countries.

Boy was I surprised when today Congress actually passed a bill against this and other toxins in baby products. Wow, common sense prevailed? The article in the Washington Post was actually a bit comical to read. Here one side takes the "there is no scientific proof", yet on the pro side, there is documented studies. Um, proof? We're talking about our children here. Sure, maybe you could discredit one study, but there there are the lab rat studies...

So I went looking around the Internet, and found this great site on another blog. A Cheat Sheet for Paraben and Phthalate free products:

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