Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stroller Decision - BOB Revolution

My previous post on strollers is here. I've always favored the BOB strollers, they aren't too expensive, and yet are constructed incredibly well. Out and about, people using them always seem to have enough storage, and can easily move their child around no matter how big they are. The one minor drawback is the size, so we'll probably get a smaller umbrella style or Quinny Zapp for use in tight spaces or travel. As of Tuesday, we are the proud owners of a brand new BOB Revolution in Mesa Orange.

If you've ever thought of getting one, now is the time. REI is having and end of summer sale, with 20% off. I have not seen these prices available anywhere else on the internet. I also discovered that BOB makes a conversion kit to make the stroller into a 3 wheeled cargo cart. Maybe that's why you never see them on Craigslist. Hurry, to save 20%, place your order before 9/1.

We chose to go to our local REI store in Alexandria VA, since it's close to my work. This saved us the shipping costs. The sale is both online and in the store. If you can't make it to the store before 9/1, you can always buy online and pickup in the store later.

Back to our decision, you will find that the BOB strollers get very high marks at several compare sites. In the running for us were the Baby Jogger City series, BOB Revolution, Bugaboo Cameleon or Frog, and Stokke Xplory. These higher end strollers covered a series of uses, some off road, some semi-joggers, some combinations. I like the Stokke, with it's elevated reversable seat. What eventually won us over on the BOB was evaluating the uses it which it will be used. We live in a neighborhood with several quiet streets, but no sidewalks. We also plan on taking it to our downtown, across uneven surfaces, and to a regular vacation house where the driveway is crushed shells and often we cut through the yard. To do all of these, we needed something with good shocks, larger wheels, sturdy construction, and we had to like the way it looked and performed. The way BOB uses fabric at the base instead of plastic, was appealing, the tires were in the right size range, it has amazing ability over rough surfaces.

As I stated before, the only drawback on these strollers, is their ability to travel. At 23lbs (10kg), it's heavy, and the folded size isn't exactly a carry on for an airplane. For travel we're eyeing the Quinny Zapp, because of it's folded size alone. Inside the case, you might not even have to gate check the bag, and one thing I want to be sure of is getting out of the airplane as quickly as possible with a little one. Also in the running are the Inglesina Zippy, and Maclaren Volo. Of course there are always the simple umbrella strollers you see at every store. Cost vs. function may lean more towards costs on the small stroller.

One resource that I found especially helpful were the video reviews posted by Baby Gizmo. You can check out the videos either on their site or on YouTube.


kcw said...

There is more than one model of Maclaren and they do vary in capabilities. Back in 2006 we went with the 2005 Techno Classic (yes there are model years as well).

If you do converse the Maclaren baby webpage be sure to check out the Rocker. It's a great purchase and has many uses.

Bryan said...

Thanks! I will have to check out the Rocker, it's web page said 2 things that I look for - Lightweight and Portable.

larry mapp said...

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