Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coming Home

The day has finally arrived, and we are now home with Bennett Cooper Metts.

A few quick notes from a new parent:
- the C-Section wasn't as bad as feared, wonderful doctors also make it easier. It kept an anesthesiologist busy.
- the Hospital, although trying to give that hotel room feel, isn't a hotel. You can tell it's managed by medical personnel. But mostly positive.
- A huge thank you to "The Dog House" in Fredericksburg, VA for letting me drop off the dog and change checkout dates as needed.
- I will soon be posting an article on what to have at home that you might not think of (ie a stash of simple baby t-shirts with the finger pockets)
- And finally, one thing we hadn't really considered, even though it's Oct, inside the house it's the same temp as it would be in the summer (70-80 degrees F). So forget the flannel winter wear, baby needs light clothes just like in the hospital. Out of all of the great gifts from family, very few were cool.

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